I had a question from a customer recently about some Bay Leaves. They asked what to DO with them if they wanted to draw money.  Great question! 

The first thing I want to say, as I say for any tool, ingredient or supply is, the magic is IN YOU! Your focus, your intension, your concentration - are what will manifest the outcome. The ingredients and tools are, to paraphrase   , the mule you ride to the top of the mountain. Eventually, it is possible you won't need the mule at all, but I can tell you I still use tools and herbs and oils...etc., when I do spell work - and I've been climbing the mountain for over 40 years.

So, Bay Leaves are great example to discuss because they are so useful. Bay Laurel is uniquely suited for use in magic because of the size of the leaves. Unlike ground, powdered or cut and sifted plant materials, Bay Leaves are typically used whole. This means you can actually write your intensions on them!

I write wishes, specific money amounts and other things on Bay Leaves - then either burn them in my cauldron or my large stone mortar and pestle (shown above), or possibly add them to a bowl or jar spell.  And remember, if you don't have a cauldron, just use a fire proof vessel or ashtray, or you could even go outside and use a stone. Just don't set fire to your house!

As I mentioned above, the most important thing with any magic is to FOCUS. Focus your intensions, and be specific!

Jason Miller had a great example in his book 'Financial Sorcery: Magical Strategies to Create Real and Lasting Wealth' I(that's an Amazon link - not affiliated, just a good book!). He said if you want to bring in money, don't do a lottery spell: that is kind of vague and you're competing with millions of other people who are all focused on that same outcome!

Instead, try focusing on a specific amount of money you need now. Try starting with enough to pay a specific bill. One step at a time. Spell casting is like weight lifting - you need to build your muscles before you try moving mountains.

Try lighting a candle (if you have one), and focusing on the flame. Focus on Centering - pulling all the energy around you into you and pulling it to the center of your body.

Next, picture a silver or gold cord running from that energy, down through your feet, into the floor/ground, deep into the earth through the rocks and sand...way deep. That is Grounding.

When you wish to add spell components, you can. I do a lot with fire - I frequently burn things in a small, cast iron cauldron. But you could also add components to a bowl or a jar.

Here is a simple example with Bay Leaves and really nothing else:

  • Take a Bay leaf, and write an intension on it. Try something like, I will receive $500 within the next 30 days. 
  • Stay focused, picture yourself receiving a check, or a credit of some kind, or even cash. 
  • Light the bay leaf with a match or your candle, and let it burn to ash on a fire safe surface or inside a fire safe vessel. 
  • Don't blow it out! Let it burn until it stops on it's own. 
  • Once the plant material burns out, you can then take the ask, and put it in a little bag and carry it, or put it in a little bowl...but make sure you give it some attention frequently.  Stop to focus on it each day. Picture your outcome. You can even say it out loud, if you live alone.

Another good option is a Bowl or Jar Spell

Gather stones, herbs or whatever you have and add them to a bowl or jar. Focus on the intention. And don't forget to "Feed It". 

There is a great video on doing a "simple money bowl" on You Tube by the Witch of Wonderlust:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqw9azGpEg4

A money bowl is a really cool focus, IF you remember to give it your attention and handle it oftetn.

Another option is a small altar for a God or Goddess, I have several, but in my dining room, where we eat all our meals, I have a cute little altar to Fortuna, Goddess of Fortune!  I give her loose change, Bay Leaves and other herbs, and keep her altar clean and tidy to encourage order in my finances!

I wish you all good fortune and hope you use all those wonderful ingredients to mix up fabulous magic!

Bright blessings,