Candle Magic

Candle magic is one of the oldest and most popular forms of spell craft. It is easy, requires minimal supplies, and is profoundly effective. This was the only form of spell craft I did for many years when I started out.If you've ever wished on a birthday candle, you've already done a type of candle magic! Although I typically snuff mine out using a spoon. My family just think I am eccentric. 

To see detailed instruction on carving and charging candles for magic, see:  How to Carve and Charge a Candle for Candle Magic

Considerations for Which Candles to Choose

The primary considerations are typically:

  • Size/length of burn time
  • Scent
  • Color
  • Price
  • Availability


One of the consideration often overlooked is how long the spell candle will burn. If you have a 7-day candle lit, and you are working a spell, you will need to commit to lighting that candle, snuffing it after each use, then relighting it in circle for 7 straight days. Sometime that isn't practical. I typically don't use candles that large in spell work. I would prefer to light a second, smaller candle for a second night of spell-craft, as opposed to having to commit to burning a huge candle to the bottom for one spell.


Inexpensive candles are often heavily scented with synthetic fragrance. Many people like this, but for those who get headaches from synthetic scent, or for those with asthma and allergies, or just those folks with concerns about the dangers of synthetic fragrance (Google it, you'll be surprised!), choosing unscented candles may be the safest option.


A chart about color is below. Don't forget you can always use white! See notes below the color chart at the end.


The next section contains lots of ideas for affordable options. The dollar store, hardware store and various sale bins can load you up with candles. Amazon has some great deals on plain, white tea-lites. 


With the Internet, this hasn't been as much of an issue for most folks. If you life in a very rural area, and haven't got shops, the Internet will be your friend!

Types of Candles and Inexpensive Options

Type                                       Affordability                 Accessibility

Birthday Candles              $                  Any grocery store, party stores

Available in every color in the rainbow, these are for the fastest and least expensive spells, they burn so fast, but they are good in a pinch for a little magical "boost". Carving will be tricky job due to the tiny size, but anointing is a snap!

Chime candles                     $                   Witch shops, Internet

 Are the little candles many witches use for spell work. The are inexpensive, burn in around an hour or so, and come in a rainbow of colors! Carving and anointing these candles is easy and quick. We sell these here: Chime Candles

Tea-lites                                  $                    Dollar stores, Internet, Discount stores

These are the little candles you get at the Dollar stores and similar places. Very inexpensive, and often available in various colors, tea-lites come in little aluminum (or sometimes plastic) trays. You get a whole bag for a few dollars and each one lasts 2-3 hours. You can't carve a tea lite (except for the top), but you can draw or pain onto the container, or carve into the top. Anointing oil would go on the top too.

Votive candles                       $$                Dollar stores, Internet, Witch shops

Any dollar store will carry a variety of votive candles. Some may be heavily scented, so pay attention to that if you are sensitive. Votive candles are perfect for carving and anointing, and can easily be burned in inexpensive containers. They are also nice for safety as they can be burned in a glass votive holder, keeping the flame protected from pets and children.

Taper candles                        $$                Dollar stores, Internet

Can be found in every color, and can often be found cheap in the dollar store, but must be watched carefully when lit. A taper has a precarious center of gravity, so you need to keep an eye on these while they burn. Carving and anointing is easy. Burn time varies widely depending on materials.

Pillar Candles                         $$$              Dollar Stores, Home Shops, Witch shops

Are the thicker, sturdier candles sold all over. You can find them in the dollar store, and almost everywhere else from Home Goods to Yankee Candle. While I love these for home decor, and for supplemental lighting while I am working spells, I do not use these for magic. They burn for an extended time, and I have never wanted to keep a spell going that long.

Beeswax rolled tapers             $$            Materials from craft stores

Made from the honeycomb beeswax sheets, these rolled tapers are often made by hand. In fact you can make them yourself fairly cheaply. The scent is that of plain beeswax. It comes in a wide array of colors, and you can trim the wax sheets to any size you prefer. This is the style of candles often seen in Witch's subscription boxes. I use this style of candle myself, although I generally make mine a bit smaller, using only a quarter sheet of wax per candle.

"Emergency candles"               $              Hardware stores, Home stores

The local hardware store, and maybe the dollar store will have these. They are tapers, but they are extremely affordable, plain, white candles, unscented. They are intended for use when the power is out. I used these for years when I was younger, as a source of inexpensive, easily accessible candles for spells. These days I typically use some of the other options.

Jar or Container Candles          $$$        Gift shops, Witch shops, Internet

These are typically the largest and longest burning options. These are often heavily scented, and like the pillar candles described above, I personally don't use these for magic as I don't typically want to maintain a spell in progress for this length of time.

Magical Correspondence of Colors

Just as certain stones, crystals and herbs have specific correspondences, so do colors. Choosing the right color for your candles, stones and mojo bags can give your magic the perfect boost!


White   Dawn, East (Celtic), universal color (good to replace any other), purity, consecrationPinkUnconditional love, new baby, innocent love

Red   Noon, South (Celtic), Passion, fire, sex, lust, drive, ambition, the base or root (1st chakra), fame

Orange   Fertility, creativity, Kundalini energy, (2nd chakra)

Yellow   Health, solar plexus (3rd chakra), optimistic, confident

Green   Abundance, wealth, the heart center (4th chakra), money, luck

Blue   Peace, tranquility, meditation, healing, the third eye (6th chakra), trust, honesty, loyalty 

Purple   Spirituality, the crown (7th chakra), dream recall, psychic gifts and psychic awareness

Brown   Safety, Earth, protective, supportive, trustworthiness, sincerity, honesty

Gray   Twilight, West (Celtic), neutral magic, stability, calm, composure, release

Black   Midnight, North (Celtic), hidden things, secretive things, banishing, hexes, release, curses 

White Candles

  • You can ALWAYS use white.
  • White replaces any other color.
  • If you want to, you can use a marker or other art supplies to make a white candle look like a color. Just ensure that lighting the candle won't cause fumes.

Picking the right color candle for your spell can enhance your practice and help you visualize the intended outcome. If you have the option for using candles in specific colors, by all means go for it! If you can't keep a load of different colored candles on hand - just use white. White always works and will always give you results. I used white for everything for many, many years.

Wrapping Up

Color can add a lovely dimension to your spell craft, adding meaning, and wonderful ambiance to your altar. In a pinch, you can always use white, and using affordable candles isn't just OK, it's smart!

Candle magic is a wonderful way to incorporate spell-craft in your life. The warm and inviting glow of candles carry your wishes into the universe. The flame of the candle gives your desires form.If nothing else, think about what you'd like for the next day the next time you light a candle. You may be surprised!

Bright blessings,