Welcome to Arachne's Web

Arachne's Web has always been in my heart. It has had a shadow place in my musings and imaginings, and has made rainy afternoons and sleepless nights better as I dreamt of what it would look like, and how it would be run.

I had a "brick and mortar" store back in the early 2000's, but sadly it was a victim of the 2008 crash. That experience was a real heartbreak but, as time has moved I realize that the store I had was not this store. It wasn't Arachne's Web...it wasn't "the Dream".

There are many elements for me, to the dream. The presence of Magic in every moment of my life is crucial. It touches every product I create or curate and offer for sale. The element of being "Witchy", hard to define, but we know it when we see it, don't we? And the element of Community is possibly the largest of all. I always knew that a business without being able to converse with my customers and learn from them as well as teach them, and enjoy their unique voice in the world, wasn't a business I would want. So no Amazon shop for me.

Today, as I enter my Crone years, I enjoy the discussions with new practitioners, seasoned Witches and all in between. We all have things to teach each other, and we should always support one another in this mad, wonderful world.

This year my husband and I had quite a roller-coaster ride working on this wonderful business. We opened and closed a subscription box, and have decided to now only sell items we manufacture ourselves through Arachne's Web.
We will continue to make our essential oil sprays and incense, our hand-rolled incense sticks, and etched chalices. We will have the small hand-made altar kits we do in tins, and will stll be doing the special altar collections in wooden chests through the holiday season, then see whether we continue to do those next year.

To all our wonderful, witchy customers past and future - thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your love and support have made this all possible and have taken us full circle, back to the foundation of what I love - crafting, conjuring and making magick!

Bright blessings,

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